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Time Management : A Nonsense

"Learn to manage your time...", I was suggested multiple times in life. In-fact everyone of us would have heard this statement at-least once in our lifetime. Isn't it?

Did you try to manage the time? Did you get hold of any book on time management to master it? Did you really get success? NO...?

I am not surprised to hear that. Actually, we don't own time then how can we manage it? There is nothing called time management. There is only...


We can achieve more if we properly prioritize our tasks. Now the biggest comes in mind, how to it effectively? Can it be internalized? Even if I know how to do it, will I be able to hold it for a long time?

Good news...

Answer to all above questions is YES. Yes, we can do that. I'll tell you how...

Use below simple steps in sequence to achieve it. Whenever you get a task, pause for a while and think whether:

  1. can I delete it? If yes, don't do it.

  2. can I delegate it? If yes, find someone to do it for you.

  3. can I outsource it? If yes, pay someone to do it for you.

  4. let's do it. Finish it asap.

If you want to take this skill to next level, use below Stephen Covey's quadrant to categorize your tasks in given sequence.

  1. Important and Urgent

  2. Important but Not Urgent

  3. Not Important but Urgent

  4. Not Important and Not Urgent

We should always give our time for activities which fall under first two categories. Usually, short-term important goals come under 1st category whereas long-term important goals come under 2nd category. Activities falling under category 3 must be delegated. We should delete activities coming under category 4.

Note: The kind of person you are today in terms of financial stability, health status and emotional well-being is directly proportional to the number of tasks prioritization you have done in 2nd category.

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