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Recession? Want to control your finances? This is for you.

Updated: May 6, 2020

This is crazy. Much bigger economic slowdown is coming than in 2008. Economy will go down and it will not rise immediately. India has already lost 60 lakhs jobs. And 14 crore jobs are at risk. What are you going to do about your financial security. Are you going to sit and wait for this tsunami or you have some action plans already? If you want to do something, be with me till the end of the video. Myself Vijay Singh. IT professional turned a weight-loss expert and my goal is to help 100,000 people to live healthy lifestyle.

So, guys... As you all know the economic situation due to Corona pandemic. We can see a slow down in economic growth. In this economic crisis, companies are trying hard to stay in business by reducing the expenses and holding the cash flow for future business operations as no one knows the situation after 6 months or 1 year. Companies are not able to cope up with this economic slowdown. In order to survive in this economic crisis, businesses are cutting jobs, deferring annual appraisals, unable to pay hikes, bonus or variable pays. People are having fear of losing jobs. Many companies have already cut their workforce. According to an article published by Livemint dated 31st March 2020, 136 million jobs are at risk post Corona in India. As you all know, we have seen financial crisis, recession once or twice every decade. Sometime financial crisis is due to WTC explosion, sometime it is due to corona virus I am sometime due to some other reason. The reasons for financial crisis are different at different times. in all these times country men face job insecurity, stress and household budget goes for a toss. We insure our health, vehicles, life, etc but did we insure income source? what do I mean by insurance? I mean, did you create MSI (multiple source of income) for you and your family? or you are just dependent on single source of income?

Tomorrow no financial help will be provided by insurance companies that you don't have any income coming anymore script your EMI or premiums. Tomorrow no school or college will be providing any financial help that you can skip your children's education fee. Property builders will not give any financial help saying that you can skip your house EMI when there is no incoming cash-flow. If you are able to connect with me and agree on these points. This is the time that we need to something to have control over our finances. Fortunately, we as a team of highly qualified professionals running a scale-able digital Enterprise in the field of health protection domain. Currently we have the requirement for qualified professionals to work in partnership role identified via a selection process.

The world has completely changed. The way people used to work as changed. The way people used to entertain themselves has changed. The way people used to educate has changed. There are so many industries that are affected due to this pandemic.

Retail Industry got affected, entertainment industry has got affected, logistic industry, hospitality industry, restaurants and many more have got affected.

But there are certain industries which are thriving as usual. Food industry, we still eat food and we will keep having food till we are alive. Health, fitness industry, we need all these services till we are on this planet. Digital services like conferencing, streaming, gaming, are thriving than ever before.

So, what do you see common in all these domain which are growing during this time?

All are operating over the internet. And the good thing is that we are working in the health and fitness domain in number one niche over the internet - weight-loss. 71% of world population is over weight. We are working in prepaid manner. We don't have any pending account receivable.

There are four ways to do anything when it comes to make money.

1) Being an employee - get a fixed paycheck.

2) Being a self-employed - a one man show, a one man army, doing everything on his own.

3) Business - setup a scale-able growing business having a high performance team.

4) Investor - invest in other businesses.

To start of a person coming from middle class can start being an employee. But his goal must be to become an investor. But this is not possible from employee to investor directly. But because of presence of internet an employee can go to business domain directly. The chances of his success are more if he has got right mentor-ship.

This opportunity offers an opportunity to a person become a business partner if he has certain qualities like hungry to grow, appreciable, smart in decision making, humble to learn by setting his ego aside. It doesn't matter his current knowledge domain.

If you find these qualities in yourself and looking forward to really have control over your future then this platform is for you.

Send me your details at and take the process forward.

For fitness related help, click below button to connect via Facebook messenger.

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