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Quality of Life ?

Is lot of money enough to improve the quality of life?

Not exactly. But money is definitely needed to improve the quality of life.

But before going into discussion in detail, we must first understand what constitutes to great quality of life?

Our quality of life is directly proportional to the quality of below five areas, on which we should be working on:

  1. Quality of health

  2. Quality of relationships and emotions

  3. Quality of leisure

  4. Quality of financial situation

  5. Quality of spiritual life

Balance in all aspects of our life is the key. Without balance there is no quality.

Quality of health
  1. Follow the correct dietary principles.

  2. Continue a regular exercise and movement program

  3. Don't smoke (don't means don't)

  4. Don't consume alcohol (occasionally Red Wine in limited quantity is okay)

  5. Follow stress management techniques (walk / body massage / play games / watch fun & motivational movies)

Quality of relationships and emotions
  1. When we are stressed, we are prone to have more diseases.

  2. Relationship doesn't refer to relation between husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend. It refers to the quality of relations between you and the people around you like friends / colleagues / relatives or strangers.

  3. Any contribution to the lives of our loved ones will greatly enhance our own quality of life.

  4. Spend dedicated quality time with loved ones and listen to them.

Quality of Leisure
  1. It is important to have some leisure activities like sport, music or other hobbies.

  2. Leisure activities must be a joy and not a chore.

Quality of financial situation
  1. Job going professionals know only the way to earn money from their direct face to face contact with work or clients.

  2. Do not depend on only one source of income for cash-flow.

  3. Constant pressure to produce cash flow does detract from the enjoyment of the job. Look for opportunities to passive income sources.

  4. Invest 10% - 20% of your income to create financial independence in long term.

  5. Without enjoyment of your work, you may find it hard to sustain the quality of financial situation.

Quality of Spiritual Self
  1. The major motivating force of human being is love and recognition. We all need to loved and recognized but, more importantly we need to love and recognize.

  2. We must manifest this love through unconditional service to others.

  3. If you can rid yourself of the concept of 'I'm doing this because it will benefit me in some way', and truly perform whatever act you want to perform purely for the other person's benefit, then your own personal power will increase enormously.

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