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Mindset : Why do we fail to be fit ?

I have had a chance to interact with a bunch of people who tried to to be fit but failed to do so specially when it comes to weight loss. Did you try as well?

There could be multiple reasons for the failure. But with my experience in fitness domain, I have figured out one major factor which does override all the reasons of failures. If you haven't gone through my previous post Time Management : A Nonsense I request you to go through it before proceeding with this post.

Does your desire to get fit come in first quadrant (Important & Urgent) or is it in second quadrant (Important & Not Urgent)? If your desire to get fit is important but not urgent then you'll probably keep on procrastinating it.

The day your desire to get fit is shifted to first quadrant task, no matter you'll be fit. You'll find the ways, required resources, tools and mentor-ship on it's accord. Nobody can stop you getting fit. Find a fitness coach who can help you.


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