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It's definitely a wonderful feeling !

7th November 2017 was the day when I determined to transform myself. What was different on that day? Why couldn't I do this before from past 12 years? On 7th November 2017, I was with my mentor. That day my thought process was changed.

"If I can't change my body which is in my absolute control then what else I would be able to change in life?", he asked.

17th September 2017

Within 110 days (7/11/2017 - 28/02/2018), I transformed my body. I lost 18 kg of extra weight. All the health parameters came in normal range. I achieved my ideal body weight. All this happened without going to gym.

That's the power of mentor-ship and having a mentor in life. BTW, he isn't my health coach.

9th July 2018

I can now dress up in desired clothes, have more confidence. When I look in mirror, I do feel proud of myself. I do finish 10KM in ~45 minutes. I am more energetic, focused and happy because I own a healthy body.

Now, I am determined to help 100,000 people to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle and become inspiration for society.


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