Weight Loss: Have you ever thought of...

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Do I really have extra weight problem?

More than 95% of people have perception that losing weight means going to gym or park and work hard. Exercise is definitely good for overall fitness. But only burning calories through exercise isn't going to help to lose weight because your excess weight may not be the actual problem.

Your excess weight could be the fluid stored around the belly. It is due to the leaky gut and unhealthy liver. In this case your belly is round shape like football. Your weight could be due to stress. You might have gone through some kind of surgery, trauma or pregnancy. All these add up to the causes of weight gain.

Today's lifestyle is totally different than that 20 years back. Today stress levels have gone up tremendously. Students are having more pressure than ever before. Competition has increased in every fields multi folds than before. Isn't it?

There is very less time available for individual towards his/her food intakes. Today food is just being used as a fuel to survive. Very less focus is being given on the quality of food (fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, grains, etc), their nutrition value.

Why did I gain weight again?

You did work hard and lost your excess weight but you rebound it. What does it mean? It means you did not fix the root cause of weight gain. You treated the symptom, not the root cause. There could be one or multiple reasons for weight gain.

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Is weight loss all about burning calories?

We wish it would have been. It would have been very easy to get fit and people must be getting predictable results. But unfortunately weight loss is not about only burning extra calories.

You might have seen many people working hard at gym on a daily basis to lose weight. But after all they could only manage to lose few pounds and get demotivated eventually.

Why does it happen?

Because, burning calories is just one part of weight loss. It's not the complete solution. In fact, in some cases doing workout is the worst option to opt for. It might sound little strange to you but we cannot ignore the body science of fat burning.

This is where we need guidance from experts instead of doing random things. After all it's about your invaluable body and health. Isn't it?

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Why do I reach plateau after losing few pounds?

Because you never lost the actual excess fat mass. You just lost water mass. Now, when turn came to burn fat, your body refuses to burn fat. Why?

Simple, you don't want your body to burn fat. "Have we gone crazy?" - you must be thinking. But that's true. Unknowingly, you are instructing your body not to burn fat. Actually, the kind of food you are putting into your body is the problem. You must take the food which will fix the root cause.

Describing about the kind of food to take isn't the scope of this article. Also, every human being body is different and behaves differently. It means the food suggestion must be personalized as per individual's body and preference.

Why exercise isn't helping me get fit?

Specifically, in India people believe exercise as a tool / method to lose weight. Which itself is a wrong perception. It doesn't mean you shouldn't do exercise. Yes, exercise does help in losing weight but not for most for the population.

Whether a person is obese or fit, he must do exercise at-least 4 to 5 times a week. Exercise does provide a different kind of health benefits. It removes toxins from the body through sweat, improves endurance, strength, vitality, boost up immune system and many such benefits. Then why a person should restrict himself from getting these benefits if he looks already fit.

If exercise isn't helping you lose more weight then you must consider your food, sleep, stress levels and other health parameters. It would be best if you could get your blood test done.

Your blood test report will be a mirror which will reflect the actual picture of your current state of your body health. Will it help you to achieve your fitness goal if you know the actual status of your health parameters? Yes or No?

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What is science of weight gain?

Do you believe your body is most complicated gadget than your car or mobile? Yes?

Our body is more intelligent than we can think off. It does know how to protect it self from future crisis or health problem based of current state of body health.

If you are over weight or obese, it is due to your body's protection mechanism. It has prepared itself for future problem as there is something in your body which is not right. And the body will keep holding the excess weight until it knows that the root cause is fixed and it can now get rid of extra fat which was stored for future use in crisis.

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