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[NEW] Download Proshow Producer 5.0 Portable

if you are planning to make a slideshow for your next business meeting, powerpoint presentation, or web page, then you need to check out proshow producer. it is a powerful software program that lets you create slideshows from your media files. the software is not only compatible with pc but is available for mac as well. when you add media files to the software, it automatically creates a slideshow. with proshow producer, you can import all types of media files and the software allows you to choose the layout and styles for your slides.

download proshow producer 5.0 portable

there are three different categories of plug-ins: basic, advanced, and expert. the basic category includes features such as the ability to save your show as a file and burn it to a disc. the advanced category is for those who need more features. finally, the expert category is for those who want the most out of the program. the more you use the program, the more you will want to upgrade. however, upgrading to the expert category is a bit tricky. the upgrade from the basic category to the advanced category is fairly easy. all you need to do is download a new version of the software.

the best thing about this software is that you can make your slideshows very much to your taste. you can include your images in a slideshow and change the color, background, theme, and type of animation that you want. proshow producer also allows you to add music to your slideshow. the program offers more than 40 different types of animations, which allow you to change the speed of the animation, as well as the transition and direction of the transition. if you need to create a new presentation, you can save it in different formats. the one that you will need to create a slideshow is in the microsoft powerpoint format. you can also edit your slides using the text editor. once you have created your slides, you can add your own background music and video clips. you can also add a title to your slides and apply color and background. you can even create captions and text slides.


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