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Anglo File 117.rar 'LINK'

1. Just extract the downloaded RAR-file using a program like WINRAR (it's free, just search for it on google and download it and install) and after that go inside of the downloaded folder and cut the folder inside of it (with the same name) out from that folder and just place it inside of your \SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods-folder.Start the mod by clicking the bat-file with the name "Execute.bat" - NOT the "pagan Normans" or "Baptized Normans"-ones. I don't know if they work with my additions. Use the executive to be safe!2. The other option, and this is if your game is unstable - install TLK version 3.06 first, and then remove the folder from your mods-folder and place this one in instead. But i think the first option should work fine for most.

Anglo File 117.rar

Any one offer advice as to locations for all files required? This has been on my wish list to play for several weeks now. All tutorials for installation are in foreign languages ...I have been able to set up 5 other mods without any difficulty and it appears I need more files!

Thanks for reply. I prefer the Steam version to playing my very old CD version. Steam works fine for all the other mods. I have been installing downloaded files to Med 2/mods where my other mods are. I lack something to get Lost Kingdoms running. I will play Rule Britannia till DAC upgrade is released in next 3 months.


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